Great bars for live music in San Antonio, TX

Bars aren’t just there to get us drunk, you know. They’re often home to some of the nation’s (and the world’s) top music performers, from rockers to rappers to country singers. Of course, finding the right bar at the right time can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to have a smooth night out, which is why you should have a look at our modest yet inclusive list of San Antonio’s top live music bars.

Live Music in San Antonio, TX

Liberty Bar: Not one for bars so crowded that shoving people becomes a way of saying “Hello” and so loud that your eardrums will bleed, be it from joy or anguish? Consider Liberty Bar as your alternative resort during any time of the week. The bar could perhaps better be described as a ‘lounge’ – relaxing music, great food and a calm atmosphere definitely set it apart from most other music venues in the city.

502: It’s clear that the owners of 502 have music in their hearts as well as their minds. If this wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t have invested into what’s perhaps the best sound system – together with a top-notch technical crew – of any bar in the entire state. While this might seem like a cause of the aforementioned eardrum bleeds, you can still time your visit to a night when a gentler performer takes the stage.

Luna: Is class your thing? Luna is among the classier music joints in the city – so classy, in fact, that referring to it as a ‘joint’ just doesn’t seem right. Don’t come here dressed like a gang member or lacking certain clothing accessories, and you’ll be greeted to upcoming and established artists alternating between jazz, flamenco and lively dance music. The year-round classiness of the place becomes even more awe-inspiring when one considers that the venue changes its appearance to fit each and every music performer and their respective genre.

Azuca Nuevo Latino: As you might have guessed from the name, Azuca Nuevo is a regular home to all sorts of talented Latin musicians, from reggaeton bad boys to dance bands. One thing never changes, though: the lively atmosphere that is almost sure to get you dancing in no time unless you’re dealing with some nasty foot cramps. When you’re taking a break from showing off your moves, you can further explore the rich Latin culture by sampling the many native drinks and dishes offered on-site.

The Cove: Are you one of those people who will find even the smallest and quietest music venue too much? Consider giving The Cove a try and prepare to have your beliefs over what music venues are questioned. The presence of laundry and car washing machinery almost seems to send a message that the owner feels every patron is a member of the family – you won’t worry about appearances when you’re spending time with family, right? Clearly, their extremely unorthodox approach works as The Cove is one of the top-ranked places in the city for anyone wanting to witness some ‘quieter’ live music performances.