Best places for live music in Corpus Christi, TX


Playing that record is all good and well, but sometimes, nothing other than a live performance will cut it. Listening to live music isn’t just an engaging social activity that offers a unique setting and the opportunity to meet new people – it’s also a way of supporting the musicians, many of whom are still coming up and could use every fresh face in attendance they can get.

To help you navigate Corpus Christi’s busy streets and figure out the spots most worth visiting, here are some of the best places for live music you can find anywhere in the city.

 Live Music in Corpus Christi

Boneshakers: If you’re not much for contemporary music culture, Boneshakers is sure to come off as an inviting venue. Featuring a fairly strict dress code and a very particular type of music that bounces back and forth between metal and classics, Boneshakers maintains a classy atmosphere in a time when this can seem like an impossible task. Sure enough, it doesn’t hurt that the place regularly features drinks specials that’ll have you sipping on quality beer and liquor for no more than $4 a glass.

Cole Park: Unlike most other spots that could be called music venues, Cole Park creates a location like no other by effortlessly combining several fun places: a kids’ playground, a recreation park, a beach and a musical stage. If you have your own family with one or more energetic kids always jumping around and getting physical, you’ll definitely value Cole Park – day and night, it’s a great spot to bring your kids to. Speaking of nights, some of the best concerts you can find happen on Thursday evenings and the attendance is oftentimes free, so be sure to make space in your schedule to visit this park sometime.

House of Rock: True to its name, the House of Rock is frequently home to some of the most amazing rock performances you’ll find anywhere in the city. Like many other rock venues, the House can get very loud and wild, so you better be ready to party if you’re going there to listen to a live performer. This ain’t no Cole Park, so you definitely won’t want your kids tagging along – among other things, the House is known for its terrific drink specials that will get you tipsy before you’ve even run out of change. From fresh pizzas to cheap yet quality drinks to great musicians, you’ll find something to your liking here no matter the day of the week.

Concrete Street Amphitheater: You wouldn’t expect a pure music venue to disappoint in terms of live music, and you’d be right: in the past, the Amphitheater acted as a tour stop for a staggering amount of bands and musicians of immense variety and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future. From heavy metal aces all the way to our beloved country singers and from relative unknowns to world-renowned artists, one thing about Concrete Street Amphitheater performers never changes: the concerts they throw in this venue are among the best in the entire state.